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Key Publications


1         “Charge transport in mixed metal halide perovskite semiconductors”, S. P. Senanayak, K. Dey, R. Shivanna, W. W. Li, D. Ghosh, Y. C. Zhang, B. Roose, S. J. Zelewski, Z. Andaji-Garmaroudi, W. Wood, N. Tiwale, J. L. MacManus-Driscoll, R. H. Friend, S. D. Stranks, and H. Sirringhaus, Nature Materials (2023)


2         “Photogeneration of Spin Quintet Triplet-Triplet Excitations in DNA-Assembled Pentacene Stacks”, S. R. E. Orsborne, J. Gorman, L. R. Weiss, A. Sridhar, N. A. Panjwani, G. Divitini, P. Budden, D. Palecek, S. T. J. Ryan, A. K. Rao, R. Collepardo-Guevara, A. H. El-Sagheer, T. Brown, J. Behrends, R. H. Friend, and F. Auras, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2023)


3         “Mesitylated trityl radicals, a platform for doublet emission: symmetry breaking, charge-transfer states and conjugated polymers”, P. Murto, R. Chowdhury, S. Gorgon, E. Guo, W. Zeng, B. Li, Y. Sun, H. Francis, R. H. Friend, and H. Bronstein, Nature Communications 14,4147 (2023)


4         “The Electronic Disorder Landscape of Mixed Halide Perovskites”, Y. Liu, J. P. Banon, K. Frohna, Y. H. Chiang, G. Tumen-Ulzii, S. D. Stranks, M. Filoche, and R. H. Friend, ACS Energy Letters 8, 250-258 (2023)


5         “Reversible spin-optical interface in luminescent organic radicals”, S. Gorgon, K. Lv, J. Grüne, B. H. Drummond, W. K. Myers, G. Londi, G. Ricci, D. Valverde, C. Tonnelé, P. Murto, A. S. Romanov, D. Casanova, V. Dyakonov, A. Sperlich, D. Beljonne, Y. Olivier, F. Li, R. H. Friend, and E. W. Evans, Nature 620, 538-544 (2023)


6         “Photosynthesis re-wired on the pico-second timescale”, T. K. Baikie, L. T. Wey, J. M. Lawrence, H. Medipally, E. Reisner, M. M. Nowaczyk, R. H. Friend, C. J. Howe, C. Schnedermann, A. K. Rao, and J. Y. Z. Zhang, Nature (2023)


7         “Engineering the spin-exchange interaction in organic semiconductors”, A. Rao, A. J. Gillett, and R. H. Friend, Nature Materials 21, 976-978 (2022)


8         “Geminate and Nongeminate Pathways for Triplet Exciton Formation in Organic Solar Cells”, A. Privitera, J. Grune, A. Karki, W. K. Myers, V. Dyakonov, T. Q. Nguyen, M. K. Riede, R. H. Friend, A. Sperlich, and A. J. Gillett, Advanced Energy Materials 12 (2022)


9         “Singlet and triplet to doublet energy transfer: improving organic light-emitting diodes with radicals”, F. Li, A. J. Gillett, Q. Y. Gu, J. S. Ding, Z. W. Chen, T. J. H. Hele, W. K. Myers, R. H. Friend, and E. W. Evans, Nature Communications 13 (2022)


10       “Deoxyribonucleic Acid Encoded and Size-Defined pi-Stacking of Perylene Diimides”, J. Gorman, S. R. E. Orsborne, A. Sridhar, R. Pandya, P. Budden, A. Ohmann, N. A. Panjwani, Y. Liu, J. L. Greenfield, S. Dowland, V. Gray, S. T. J. Ryan, S. De Ornellas, A. H. El-Sagheer, T. Brown, J. R. Nitschke, J. Behrends, U. F. Keyser, A. Rao, R. Collepardo-Guevara, E. Stulz, R. H. Friend, and F. Auras, Journal of the American Chemical Society 144, 368-376 (2022)


11       “Dielectric control of reverse intersystem crossing in thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitters”, A. J. Gillett, A. Pershin, R. Pandya, S. Feldmann, A. J. Sneyd, A. M. Alvertis, E. W. Evans, T. H. Thomas, L. S. Cui, B. H. Drummond, G. D. Scholes, Y. Olivier, A. Rao, R. H. Friend, and D. Beljonne, Nature Materials 21, 1150-+ (2022)


12       “Efficient energy transport in an organic semiconductor mediated by transient exciton delocalization”, A. J. Sneyd, T. Fukui, D. Palecek, S. Prodhan, I. Wagner, Y. F. Zhang, J. Sung, S. M. Collins, T. J. A. Slater, Z. Andaji-Garmaroudi, L. R. MacFarlane, J. D. Garcia-Hernandez, L. J. Wang, G. R. Whittell, J. M. Hodgkiss, K. Chen, D. Beljonne, I. Manners, R. H. Friend, and A. Rao, Science Advances 7 (2021)


13       “Ligand-engineered bandgap stability in mixed-halide perovskite LEDs”, Y. Hassan, J. H. Park, M. L. Crawford, A. Sadhanala, J. Lee, J. C. Sadighian, E. Mosconi, R. Shivanna, E. Radicchi, M. Jeong, C. Yang, H. Choi, S. H. Park, M. H. Song, F. De Angelis, C. Y. Wong, R. H. Friend, B. R. Lee, and H. J. Snaith, Nature 591, 72-+ (2021)


14       “Spontaneous exciton dissociation enables spin state interconversion in delayed fluorescence organic semiconductors”, A. J. Gillett, C. Tonnele, G. Londi, G. Ricci, M. Catherin, D. M. L. Unson, D. Casanova, F. Castet, Y. Olivier, W. M. Chen, E. Zaborova, E. W. Evans, B. H. Drummond, P. J. Conaghan, L. S. Cui, N. C. Greenham, Y. Puttisong, F. Fages, D. Beljonne, and R. H. Friend, Nature Communications 12 (2021)


15       “The role of charge recombination to triplet excitons in organic solar cells”, A. J. Gillett, A. Privitera, R. Dilmurat, A. Karki, D. P. Qian, A. Pershin, G. Londi, W. K. Myers, J. Lee, J. Yuan, S. J. Ko, M. K. Riede, F. Gao, G. C. Bazan, A. Rao, T. Q. Nguyen, D. Beljonne, and R. H. Friend, Nature 597, 666-+ (2021)


16       “Charge Carrier Localization in Doped Perovskite Nanocrystals Enhances Radiative Recombination”, S. Feldmann, M. K. Gangishetty, I. Bravic, T. Neumann, B. Peng, T. Winkler, R. H. Friend, B. Monserrat, D. N. Congreve, and F. Deschler, Journal of the American Chemical Society 143, 8647-8653 (2021)